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The resurgence of the Silver Star

The current Silver Star

By Alex Pierrot

Now, unlike the title suggests, this post will in fact not be about Europe’s fastest roller-coaster which can be found at the amazing Europa-park- a must-visit in terms of theme parks – but rather on Nico Rosberg‘s first F1 Grand Prix win last Sunday – most importantly, Mercedes’ first win as a constructor since all the way back in 1955!

Before moving on to focus on Mercedes AMG Petronas Formula One Team, tribute has to be paid to Rosberg himself; not only did he record his first GP win in at the Shanghai International Circuit but on the previous Saturday had also managed to nab pole position, thereby ensuring that he has now joined the very elitist group of pilots having won their first race on the same weekend of their first pole position. Now all that is left for Rosberg to do is prove to his detractors that this victory was not a one-off; given his relatively encouraging results so far this season (12 th and 13th in the first two races) we can only hope that this win will finally get his season going.

Moreover, Rosberg has to be congratulated on his continued determination and willingness to stick it out. There are not many other pilots like him who would have raced for as long as he has – he has been racing since 2006 and has taken part in 111 GPs – in one motor racing discipline whilst constantly maintaining a positive attitude and keeping on fighting. Promise had already been shown by the 26-year-old back in 2006 at the Bahrain Grand Prix, when he became the youngest pilot to set the fastest lap for that particular race at the mere age of 20. Now that promise has finally come of age with this fantastic win in China.

The 1955 Silver Star

When the last Silver Star won a race in 1955, China was just on the brink of releasing its first ever car. What better fitting scene therefore for Mercedes to claim this landmark victory on the very same soil. During this lengthy interval however, Mercedes did have successes in other disciplines, such as most famously in Touring Car championships and the unique 24 Heures du Mans. Despite this ‘detour’ of sorts, the hunger for a return to F1 was ever-present at Mercedes. The firm did return as a motorist in the early nineties, and has ever since their partnership begun in 1997 known mult successes with McLaren , but it was not until 2010 that a Silver Star made its grand return to the circuits. Now, after two somewhat disastrously blank seasons – zero poles, podiums or wins – Mercedes can finally look proud again. The German constructors can well and truly have said to have come full circle!

To add even more to this, I think anyone would agree, extraordinary achievement, this win was also very significant to Rosberg on a personal level, since it came exactly 26 and a half years after his father’s, Keke Rosberg, last success in F1 at the Australian GP! To finish off then, Rosberg’s win adds yet another level of spice in what has already started off as an outstanding Formula 1 season, with no clear favourites for both the racer’s and the constructor’s titles being identified after three races. Make sure to keep track of all this season’s ups-and-downs and spare a thought for young Nico and his great result!

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